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HD Video Inserter

ITS Model 6980HD Inserter

Tim Jones
Western Video, Inc
175 West Lexington Suite E & F
El Cajon, CA 92020

Phone: 619-579-7601
Fax: 619-579-7263


Thank You for your continued interest in Western Video video systems and components. In 2012 we see the continued interest in "IP" solutions. Many of our traditional customers are looking at IP solutions for future requirements, but analog solutions still prevail. We continue to add new products including cameras, optics, controls, annotators, routers, displays and copper/fiber/rf transmission solutions.

Western Video, Inc. (WVI) is a systems integrator, dealer/distributor and manufacturer’s representative specializing in military, scientific and industrial markets. We provide video systems and components incorporating color (including 3-chip), near-IR and IR (thermal) cameras, long focal length zoom lenses, environmental housings, remote controls, IRIG generators, IRIG inserters, recorders and displays. We can address your LAN/WAN IP CCTV requirements with a complete system solution. WVI has provided complete integrated systems for military and government contractors throughout the United States.

MILITARY VIDEO FOR TEST RANGES - A large portion of our business is for military range instrumentation Tracking, Surveillance and Range Safety. Systems usually found working in an extreme environment, with full feature remote control, over long distances, and often with range data captured on video tape (or other mediums). WVI can retrofit a new CCD camera to extreme long lens systems built years ago by such companies as Davro and Zoomar. We can provide state-of-the-art broadcast-quality zoom lenses up to 2,200mm from Fujinon, Cosmicar and other manufactures. Special fixed focal length lenses in the 1000mm range can be provided from Century Precision Optics.

HARSH ENVIRONMENTS - Western Video, Inc has a unique outlook in its approach to using video to solve a particular problem. We offer the best quality and most appropriate manufacturer's equipment in a complete integrated solution which may involve machining and modifications of commercially available off the shelf equipment (COTS). This allows us to be competitive in the Government Markets and provide a system that is supportable in the field no matter where it is deployed.

THERMAL IMAGING SYSTEMS Western Video offers High Performance Thermal Imaging using the cooled as well as the "uncooled" microbolometer technology. We have experience in working with Thermal Imaging Systems and supplying environmental housings, pan/tilts and long distance remote control systems.


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